Thursday, 17 December 2015

2015 Year in Review

Wow another year over and already the calendar is filling up with Race meets for next year Starting off with Bathurst 12hr.

      This year started off at Bathurst 12hr but only has a spectator this time my first Official event was a one day event at Winton in February called Champion of Winton and ended at Winton over 20 w/ends and 40 Track-side days later with the HQ 4 hr round in December.
The year included about 3 International class events, 8 National class and the rest State rounds also during this I was being Accessed at Club level for a 3A grade which is a Training role to help with the training of new ones coming into our club to be Officials.

Highlights for the year well the main one is a FORD won the V8's that being Mark Winterbottom car 5 so well done and well Deserved and what a great year for Craig Lowndes with his 100 race wins and putting up a great challenge for the Championship. With all the changes with the Drivers it will make for an interesting year in 2016.

With all the state rounds putting on some great racing its hard to pick a favorite round but I do love the Historic Events with all those great old race cars getting around the track.

Bathurst 12hr is by far the best Event of the Year I just love seeing all the nice cars and the great people I work with to catch up with other Team members from Flag Marshals of The World is great and we all have a lot of fun.

Why do i stand in the rain or the stinking hot sun all day its because of the people you meet the great teams we work with the fun times we share the stories we have and support each other in tough times Bathurst 1000 being one of those events this year where our Marshals took a hit thankfully they all came out of it OK along with Chaz the driver who has a lot of time for the Marshals and is a top guy.
Its times like this when we come together like a big family feeling the pain of others and supporting those who need it, I know myself spending time with some others that night after the accident some who worked on that flag point that was hit makes you realize how it affects everyone differently some who had to stay strong on their points to maintain control while we were unsure how bad things were but at the end of the day needed to off load that build up of emotions. What can I say Guys its ok to let it out we can put on a tough front but still we need to let it out its ok to talk about it and shed a tear. We have lost many from our Marshaling family this year weather it be illness, age or other but one thing our Chaplin's always Highlight Mark Bateman being one of them is don't let it be Suicide we are a big family talk to someone talk to one of our great Chaplin's we are not alone.

In saying that everyone have a great Xmas, New Year, Holiday whatever it is you are going to do until Cars are back on Track in 2016.

Signing off for now Paul A Flag Marshal's Journey.

Some of the faces of 2015