Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Bathurst 1000 race days Thusday to Sunday 2014

Well up early 5.30am sign on and Briefing at 6.30am Today is all Practice With Support Categories which included Touring Car Masters,V8 Utes, Aussie Racing Cars, Dunlop Series V8s, Porsche Carrera Cup and of cause V8 Super Cars. I have been Assigned post 19.2 Chief at point for all four days which is near the top of Conrod straight and also a black flag relay point.
Today we have three on point myself, Paul G and Tania with Stewart our Sector Marshal looking after 19.0, 19.2 and 19.5.
The next three days up at 5am with Briefing at 6am we have Kate and Aaron Join us so a lot easier to do flags, coms and black flag relay. All I can say is What a great team we had lots of fun and worked well together shared the radio between myself, Paul G and Aaron the girls were happy just to do flags. Not a lot of action at this point but still can get busy with flags V8s going past in 5th gear great to watch. Also Tania done a Great Job of running a 100 yards down an hot track during Safety Car to retrieve the light bar that fell off the Medical car well done.
Friday consisted of Qualifying and Practice, Saturday all races and Sunday we had three smaller races before the 1000 kicked off.
Some of the entertainment on track included Hot Wheels Utes and Bikes, Minardi F1and in the sky RAAF Roulettes display, F18 fly over, Sea Hawk Helicopter and a 737 Passenger Jet low Flyover. The Drivers Parade on Sunday before race Start was great to watch with plenty of fans coming out of their homes to give them a wave.

Muster Shed

Looking back to 19.0

Looking down conrod to 19.5


Post 19.2 Lunch Break

Pan view of point

The Team Thanks To Stewart for taking the photo

At Work Thanks Tania for Photo

Fans coming down from Top of Mountain

Views from bus on the way to Points

Well Thats all Folks Phillip Island 400 V8s Next Event for Me until then stay safe and have fun. Thanks for reading my posts.

Bathurst 1000 V8 Supercars Pre race Tuesday and Wednesday

Well the long wait is over and the trip begins to Bathurst from Melbourne Camper Trailer packed, bags packed and make sure I have my Credentials letter for Camping at the Track.
Left Home Monday after work to head up to my Daughters house about 3 1/2  hours from Melbourne stop over for the night and continued on Tuesday morning leaving about 8am takes about 5 1/2 to 6 hours from her place. With a quick stop at Gundagai for some lunch and top up on fuel I arrived at Bathurst about 1.30pm stopped at the Credentials hut to pick up my passes and uniform plus my car sticker to allow access inside of Track to the Marshals camp Ground. Camp site 260 set up camp and met a few people than into town to get supplies. A good night sitting down talking and drinking with fellow VFT marshals.

Wednesday all planned with a track walk with Friends Graeme,Steve and Julio then into town for the Transporter parade what a great atmosphere in town plenty of support from the locals and visitors a few freebies and back to camp for an easy afternoon check out pit lane and some drinks.

A walk around the Pits is always a good way to spend some time and meet People.