Sunday, 31 May 2015

Historic Winton May 30 & 31 2015

Another w/end of Motorsport at Winton Motor Raceway this time for the Historic Winton this is the 39th year running so looking at something special next year with the 40th running of this event run by the Austin 7 club & HMRAV. Heaps of car displays though I wasn't able to see them apart from some that came on track or were near where we had our briefing but still a great event to see all the old cars and bikes racing. Lets have a look at the categories.

Motor Bikes

All Vintage class c 125s to 350s 1926 to 1980 were on track
P3 500s & unlimited, P4 up to 500s, P5 up to 600s 1949 to 1981 were on track
P4 & P5 unlimited 1970 to 1982 were on track
All Sidecars 1950 to 1979 were on track


Regularity One 1919 to 1958 on track
Regularity Two 1930 to 1960 on track
Formula Fords
M & O Sports & Racing 1961 to 1970 
Lb Sports & Racing 1947 to 1960
Q & R Sports & Racing 1969 to 1987
J & K 1926 to 1953
Nb & Nc 1955 to 1972
Sa,Sb &Sc 1594 to 1979

The weather was Cold due to it snowing in the mountains apart from a light shower Sunday it stayed dry right up until the end of the last race when it started to rain. Was on flag point 7.0 which is normally 9.0 on long track but we were using the short track for all races. This point also is the black flag relay point but we did not have to use these all w/end so that was good.
I also had a trainee Simon with me at this point so we operated both flags and comms with only a few Reports for each day mainly some car to car contact and passing under yellow we were trouble free. the third event on Sunday we had a roll over at the flag post before us with the car upside down this was an open top car the driver was taken away in an Ambulance so hopefully nothing to serious. That being the biggest incident of the w/end.

Next Event for me Shannons Nationals at Winton Motor Raceway stay safe till next time.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Shannons Nationals Phillip Island RD 2 May 23 & 24 2015

Well another w/end gone could only do the Saturday was assigned post 1.1 great spot to see cars at speed before turn 1. was on my own with comms person who helped out a lot with yellow flag so I was real busy on blue flag with Qualifying and four races in the afternoon. Categories were Formula 3, Formula fords, GTs, Porsche Carrera Cup cars and Aust Manuf. Championship.
Porsche having a 36 lap race both days and GTs having the one 3 hour race on Saturday and on Sunday the Great Southern 4 Hour for the Aust Manuf.
Was great to see such a large field of GT3 cars and they put on a fantastic race made the day which was very cold but dry. Not much to report near us with incidents starting near us but ending up near turn 2. Snag and beer to finish off the day with all the teams.
Next event Historic Winton this w/end this is a big event with plenty of great old classic cars and Bikes on show.

Morning Muster

Post 1.1

Monday, 18 May 2015

Winton SuperSprint V8s

Well another great w/end over great weather,great racing,great company. A three day event at Winton Motor Raceway Victoria. Drove up Thursday after work about 3.5 hrs due to some traffic out of Melbourne staying at the bunk house at the track nice and handy and don't have to get up quite as early if staying elsewhere.
Support Categories were Touring Car Masters(TCM), Sports Racers (radicals), Sports Sedans,Dunlop Series V8s and main event V8 Supercars. Friday being Practice for all Categories and all having 3 races each over the w/end.
I was assigned to post 10.0 which is on a left hand turn we had no real big incidents but a lot going wide drivers right or going down the small run off during racing we get a lot of pushing and bumping requiring reports on many occasions.
Ford dominated the w/end winning all pole positions and races over V8 Supercars and Dunlop Series events. A big spin off by Chaz Mostert in the main race ending his winning run over the w/end.
Great night out with the Team Friday at the Golf club and Winton Motor Raceway putting on at great dinner Saturday Night. Cold Mornings gave way to fantastic sunny days and amazing sunsets could have asked for a better w/end for Motorsports thanks to everyone involved with the teams for making it so enjoyable.
Next round for me Phillip Island Shannons Nationals. Stay Safe Have Fun

Post 10.0

Sunset from 10.0