Sunday, 20 July 2014


Well back out Track side again this time Sandown for Victorian State Circuit Racing Championship.
Categories were Formula Fords, MG & British Invited Cars, Historic Touring Cars, Sports Cars, HQ Holden & Saloon Cars, Formula Vee, IMP Production Cars and Porsche 944.
We call this the Hot Dog Round Due to it being a winter round and they give the Marshals hot soup both days and Hot Dogs on Sunday for lunch, Never short of flaggies for this event.
Saturday was a wet start after overnight rain and very cold day but no rain. We had Qualifying in the morning and 9 lap races in the afternoon I was assigned to flag point 5.5 Drivers Right on back straight with Lee and Steve sharing coms and flags. Good place to be to see cars at speed otherwise a quiet point to work. A lot of cars going off between points 2 and 4 and also between 9 and 11 I think about 28 reports all up for Saturday from around the track. Sunday cold again but we had a heavy fog but lifted enough to start on time at 9.10amToday I was moved to 13.0 which is on Drivers Left opposite Pit Entry towards back of grid. Race Day with 9 lap races in the morning and 11 laps in afternoon again quiet day for us with only one report from our point. But need to be on your toes for race starts another great Team Zoe, Brian flags and Owen Sector Marshal.

Morning Brief

5.5 looking back to 5.0


full view 5.5


looking back to turn 12

Some Sport Cars

Medical and 'Fireies'

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Winton VMRC Round 2 and Trucks July 5th & 6th 2014

Well another w/end of Motorsport while V8s were in Townsville in nice warm weather I was up at Winton freezing my butt off with a great team from VFT flag Marshals. What a great w/end we had despite Saturday being cold and wet and very challenging for the drivers Qualifying and first round of races went well. I was on flag Point 2.0 Normally a point full of action and close calls but I had nothing but a few wides and short cuts the drizzle was enough to keep the track wet and all of our stuff but a good hot lunch in the base of race control provided by Winton warmed us up and ready for the afternoon racing. Sunday still very cold with snow on the mountains and a icy breeze but at least it was dry. A full day of racing again no major incidents around the track and I only had one report to write. Hot roast Beef rolls for lunch once again warmed us up ready for the afternoon.With the trucks racing all flag points on inside of track need to vacate to outer edge for safety they race on the short track all other categories raced long. Last race last lap I was glad I was on outer edge as  a truck took a short cut behind my flag point and only missed it by two meters was good to watch. Race categories for w/end were: Super TT's, Suzuki Swifts, Hyundai Excels, Sport Sedans, Pulsar Challenge, Super Trucks, BMW & Invited, Modern Sports Cars.Sandown in Two weeks stay safe everyone

Morning Brief

Flag Point2.0


Pre Grid

 View From 2.0

End of Day