Sunday, 9 August 2015

Winton Festival of Speed August 2015Turn 6.0

Well it was a cold w/end at Winton but at least no rain for the Festival of Speed. Worked Flag Point 6.0 on my own which is fine it sits on Drivers Left on a sweeper so not much in the way of incidents mainly cars going off to the Right infield and rejoining near 7.0 and a few spinners on track. Points 9.0, 10.0 & 7.0 were all kept busy report writing with a number of passing under Yellow and under SC but all in all good clean racing which you expect with the older cars no one wants to go home with a wrecked classic car. We had the following Events
Regularity, MGs, Groups M & O + Formula Vee, Group N, Group Sa & Sb + invited, Group Sc & invited, Formula Fords, HQ Racing, Groups P,Q&R, Groups J,K,Lb + invited.
Dinner Saturday was once again put on by Winton which was well received after a cold day track-side thanks again to everyone involved in putting that on for us.
Bunkhouse was the usual mad bunch second Family always a good laugh and times with this lot also had some new people join us over the w/end Robert a Flag Marshal with our club first time at the Winton Track he had a great time and I'm sure he will be back. Also Jenny from South Australia made the long trek over to work Pit lane she knows a few of us from Bathurst Events and wanted to check out Winton she also enjoyed it and was Brave enough to stay at the Bunkhouse.

Next event for me is Phillip Island Shannons Nationals in Sept 19th & 20th but for many of the VFT Team Flaggies they have V8s at Sandown Sept 11 - 13th I'm away on Holidays so will miss that one this year so till next time stay safe and have fun.
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Flag Brief

View of track from Coffee shop


Turn 6.0 Flag Point