Saturday, 30 November 2013

Island Magic Phillip Island Sat 30/11

Well last event for me for 2013 Island Magic. I was assigned point 6.0 Siberia had a driver doing his Lic upgrade with me on Flags and Suz on Comms who also had a trainee. The day started out overcast but dry with a cool breeze but by lunch time a fantastic sunny Phillip Island day. 8 categories for the w/end they include Porsche 944, Formula Fords, Sports Sedans, Historic Touring Cars, Sport Cars, Saloon Cars, Improved Production and Formula Vee. Some categories with big Fields of 30+ cars. Morning was qualifying and in the afternoon 8 lap races with two 5 Lap races for Sport Cars. Formula Vees showed us how well they slide when they put oil on track bringing out a red flag for Qualifying and two Porsche 944's doing a nice double spin with one doing a reverse into Tyre wall all good drove off after bringing out red flag. About three Safety cars in the races but no major incidents.

Views from 6.0

Looking across to 3.0

Looking back to 5.0

Looking race direction to 6.5

Formula Fords

Sports Sedans

Historic Touring Cars

Sport Cars

Around the pits

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Phillip Island 360 W/end 23 and 24/11/13

Another day we have Practice and Qualifying in the morning and races in the afternoon. I was assigned turn 2.0 today working with Suz on coms and Paul Freeman & Shara on Flags. another turn I havnt worked before great point lots of run offs big left hand turn that drops off near 2.1 Formula Ford hit this point on Friday. Had some Cars going wide and some big incidents in the V8 races. Rain in the morning made the track wet until around lunch time dried out and stayed dry until end of day. I love being part of VFT flag team but we are only part of a bigger team and I will post photos of the other teams once again who altogether we make these events happen. One more event for me this year will be Phillip island magic.

Morning Muster

Looking across from 2.0 to camp ground and go kart track

Flag point 2.0

Looking to 2.1

Looking back down track to 1.2

Course Car

Team Medical

Fire and Rescue


Stunt Utes

End of day BBQ

Phillip Island 360 Fri 22/11/13

V8s again this time Phillip Island Fri all day Practice was assigned Flag point 1.2 which I havnt worked before which is at the end of Main straight first right turn. Worked with Lee Davis and Paul Baxter as Sector Marshal. Great spot to see all the action sliding into turn 1 and 2. Weather was cloudy with sunny periods great day with V8 supercars, Touring Car Masters, Formula Fords and ASB = Australian Super Bikes.

Touring Car Masters

In Front of FPR

Looking towards 2.0

Back towards 1.1

Flag Point 1.2

Stunt Ute