Sunday, 19 July 2015

Sandown Raceway VSCRC rd 3 July 18th & 19th 2015

Another Race w/end over this time a State Championship round at Sandown International Motor Raceway. This round we Officials like to call the Hot-dog round. WHY? Well apart from being in the middle of winter and cold they give us hot soup both days trackside and Hot-dogs on Sunday for Lunch YUMO always goes down well on these cold winter days and it was cold with frosty mornings and fine sunny days which gave way to some great racing all w/end.
I was assigned to Turn 1.0 good spot for action a great team to work with on Flags Michael, Paul F, Myself and a Trainee Daniel along with our Sector marshal was Michael and two people on comms.
We had the following categories racing
Hyundai Excels, Historic Touring Cars, Formula Fords, Sport Cars, Saloon Cars, MG & Invited British Cars, Formula Vee, HQ Holdens, Improved Production & Porsche 944.

Saturday Qualifying in the morning and racing in the afternoon  with Sunday all categories having two races each. Turn 1.0 providing plenty of spin offs and cars going wide trying out some off road tracks Saturday gave us the two biggest incidents for our point with a smash involving about 4 cars in the Sports Sedans with three able to continue on and one requiring a lift tow Bring out SC. Later Saloon cars with one spinning out and facing WD the car following hitting head on both cars blocking track and requiring SC and Lift tows. Hyundai Excels 16 all up provided an entertaining race each time drifting around the track going off in all directions some how not hitting each other some good close racing by the leading 6 cars made for some good laughs and fun racing.
Next round for me is August 8th & 9th Winton Festival of Speed but the VFT team of flaggies also have Phillip Island 6 Hour Relay with 50 Teams racing on August 1st & 2nd.
Until Next Time Stay Safe have fun and enjoy your Motorsport no matter what role you play.

Main Briefing

Looking from 1.0 down to 4.0 far end

Looking back along Main Straight 

Drinks and eats after race near Race Control

Just getting set up on a frosty morning