Sunday, 25 May 2014

Historic Winton 2014 24th & 25th May

Well another Race meet done and dusted Historic Winton was the first time I have done this event as it clashes with other events each year and so I have missed it but never again this was a great w/end of old classic cars and bikes. This w/end Winton used the short Track and I was assigned post 2.0 which is 4.0 on the long track for those who know Winton, two up on each point worked with Brad on Sat and Russel on Sun. Good fields of Cars and Bikes which included the following,
 Firstly bikes into 4 groups 1: All Vintage class c 125's,P3 250's and P3 250's. 2: All Sidecars, 3:  P3 500's & unlimited P5 up to 600's, 4: P4 unlimited & P5 unlimited. Some of these Bikes dating back to 1926.
Cars. Regularity, Formula Ford, M&O Racing, Lb Sports & Racing, Q&R Sports & Racing, J&K, Group Sa,Sb,Sc, Group Nb,Nc.
Some Brief explanation of classes.
J - Vintage up to                       31/12/30
K - Post Vintage                       01/01/31 - 31/12/04
L - Historic Cars                      01/01/41 - 31/12/60
M - Historic Cars                     01/01/61 - and before 31/12/65
Nb - Classic Saloon Cars         to 1965
Nc - Touring Cars                    Prior to 1973
O - Racing & Sports                1966 - 1969
P - Formula 5000 Cars             Pre 1978
Q - Racing & Sports                1970 - 1977
R - Racing & Sports                1978 - 1987
Sa - Production Sports             01/01/41 - 31/12/60
Sb - Production Sports             01/01/61 - 31/12/69
Sc - Production Sports             01/01/70 - 31/12/77
The Sidecars always a bit of a worry out of 4 events three of those pillions fell off one serious accident on the Saturday when one of the sidecars hit Tyre barrier at turn one. one of the riders sustained some fractures to his leg and had to be flown to Melbourne he should recover fine but scarey to see. Otherwise apart from some spins and the usual push and shove when you have 36 N class cars trying to get round turn 1 we only had to write three reports. Stay safe have fun till next time. Paul

Where we meet for Briefing

Post 2.0 short track or 4.0 long track

Officials Gifts

Some of the Cars

View from My Point

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sandown Vscrc round 2 May 17 & 18 2014

Another great w/end of motor racing at Sandown Raceway. Vscrc r2 categories included the following MG & Invited,Imp Production,944 Porsche,Saloon cars,Sports cars,Sports Sedans,Formula Vees,Formula Fords 1600,HQs and Historic Touring Cars. I was on post 10.0 under Jim Beam Bridge on Black flag relay worked with 7 different team members over the two days we rotated from yellow flag to green to black flag radio and observer our coms man was Norm from MG club did a great Job. Also on point was Lloyd,Alan and Steve on Sat and Ian,Paul M and Ash on Sunday great teams both days. Whole w/end went well with no major incidents we were on a straight between 9.0 and 11.0 so apart from the odd car pulling over to the side of the track we were incident free. Next round for me is Winton Historics on May 24 & 25 stay safe till next time.