Sunday, 18 October 2015

Bathurst 1000 8/10 to 11/10 2015

Well another year and another Bathurst gone what a great w/end it was with plenty of thrills and spills.
I arrived on Monday 5.10 to set up camp and enjoy a few days relaxing and watching the campgrounds and paddock areas fill up with people and teams. Watching the Truck parade in town and enjoying taking Photo's around the track and pits.
Walked the track a couple of times over the week with some fellow officials including a night walk was great to be able to enjoy doing this with friends.
Well was assigned Post 4.8 just after the cutting driver's left with Zoe and Chloe sharing comms and flags. Apart from a few cars hitting the wall at 4.0 and a Porsche lining us up every lap which was a bit of fun and he gave us a wave at the end of race we had a fairly easy 4 days.
But it was not easy for everyone with the weather always putting on a challenge for the V8s and with plenty of cars finding the walls around the Track. Two massive crashes one on Friday with Chaz hitting the wall and cleaning up a Flag Point ending the days activities and all of us were relived that not only Chaz but our fellow Marshals at 17.0 all came out of it ok yes both Chaz and one of our Officials had some more serious injuries and had to go to Hospital but all will fight another day it really brings the reality of what we do and the danger we face but we all do what we do because of the love we have for this sport. And Friday night back at camp we all supported one another weather it was a need to talk or just a drink with friends.
Well Saturday came and we thought nothing would beat the crash from Friday but the Aussie Cars proved us wrong with a big rollover around 19.2 if you haven't seen it have a look on youtube once again the safety cage done its job with the driver only sustaining a few injuries.
Along with the Aussie Cars we had TCM Touring car Masters, Porsche GT3, V8 UTEs and Dunlop Series V8s so a full 4 days of action. Next trip to Bathurst will be in February for the 12hr.
Next event for me at Phillip Island 24 & 25 Oct for a State round until then stay safe and have fun.
To see all Photo's check out my facebook page A Flag Marshal's Journey.

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