Sunday, 30 November 2014

Island Magic November 29th & 30th 2014

Well drawing to the end of another motor-racing year and Phillip Island put on its best weather for this event Island Magic previously know as (The Victorian Championship meeting) which has been running for 24 years. With around 250 cars entered for the w/end we were in for some great racing I was posted on Start/Finish doing Coms With Rebecca and we had a Different driver each day to help out on Flags who were doing their 8 hours for Lic.
   Car categories were Improved Production, Porsche 944, Formula Fords & 1600, Sports Sedans, Formula Vee, Historic Touring Cars and Sports Cars.
   The w/end provided some great racing with plenty of spin offs and cars finding walls with the Sports Cars just not getting it right on Saturday with Red flags for both driver Qualifying and Co Driver Qualifying sessions and bringing out Safety car a number of times for their 1 hour race on Sunday.
Formula Vee finished off the weekend with a 10 lap race with 52 cars entered was great to see these lined up on pit lane before the race.
  All races got off to a good start so we did not have to much work to do at our point though got to see some good action with cars going wide at 12.5 coming flat out along the grass before re-entering on the main straight. Flag points 9.0 to 9.6 seemed to be getting all the action with plenty of radio calls coming from them also 6.0 and 2.0 got their fair share all in all a fantastic way to finish off the year only have one other event to go and that is the HQ 4 hour at Winton raceway.
Look forward to starting off the new year at Bathurst 12 Hour. Stay safe until next time Paul.

Start/Finish and flag point

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Formula Vee lined up for last race

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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Phillip Island 400 Nov 14 - 16 2014

Well another V8 round done and dusted the last one for me but still have two smaller events to go before the year finishes. Was placed at Flag Point 9.0 for the W/end this is the last point before they go up and over lukey Heights. The Team consisted of Judy on Coms, Gary Sector Marshal, Ian, Paul F and myself on Flags.
Other categories included Aussie Race Cars, Touring Car Masters TCM and Longford Revival Festival Sports GT which was made up of a mixture of cars from Evos, Skyline GT-Rs, BMW E36 and E30, Porsche 928 & 944, Mazda RX 7 has well as some Aussie Muscle SS Commodore, Torana, Falcons and HQ Monaro.
Over all a good racing w/end with very little incidents to mention I think the best was the Aussie Car roll over near turn Two. Red Bull Driver Jamie Whincup Secured his Championship over the W/end with Mark Winterbottom FPR Managing two 3rd places to hold off Craig lowndes Red Bull for second in the championship so the battle will continue in Sydney for those two.
Scott McLaughlin Volvo secured two wins over the w/end with an unexpected Win on Sunday when race leader Garth Tander Ran out of fuel 100m from finish line to roll across for second allowing Scott to pass for the win.
Results were Race 33 1. Scott McLaughlin 2.Craig Lowndes 3. Jamie Whincup
Race 34 1. Jamie Whincup 2. Craig lowndes 3. Mark Winterbottom
Race 35 1. Scott McLaughlin 2. Garth Tander 3. Mark Winterbottom

Flag Point 9.0

Looking back to 8.0

Looking up to Lukey Heights


Thanks to VIP and Darrell Lea for Gifts to the Officials

Next event for me is Island Magic at Phillip island in two weeks time Stay Safe and enjoy your motor sports where ever you are