Sunday, 15 February 2015

Champion of Winton 15th Feb 2015

A Small event to kick off Winton's Racing year. Headed up to Winton from home Saturday about a three hour drive to meet up with fellow Team mates at the Bunkhouse that's provided for officials working at the track. Off loaded my gear and claimed my bunk for the night and we headed down to the Benalla Golf Club for some Tea,Drinks and a good laugh.
The Categories were Super TTs, Excels and Pulsar challenge due to the small size of the event it was decided that after every two events we would all move one flag point forward to make things interesting we had about a 10min Gap so i started at 1.0 for practice moved to 2.0 for Qualifying 3.0 for R1 4.0 R2 and 5.0 for Race 3 this was a good way for everyone to warm up and blow off the cobwebs for the race season ahead.
We came off track for lunch which is the norm for Winton and had a nice Chicken Wrap with a piece of fruit can of drink and bag of potato chips all went down well. To my surprise Chief flag came up to me just when I started eating and said I am second to go for some hot laps in Pedders Toyota 86 WOW!......... perhaps I shouldn't have eaten that Chicken Wrap. With Grant Phillips Driving we headed off maybe not as fast as a V8 But still 170km into turn 2.0 and 145 into turn 11 the way it Brakes and goes into the cnr you know you are in a race car that's for sure.
Getting out and readjusting the man jewels with a slightly higher pitched voice I could go and finish lunch thinking I just love doing this stuff so much no matter what else comes along this race season this has made it all worth while. Thanks to all those who organized this for us Officials and Thanks to Grant Phillips and his Team for their time and car really was appreciated by all.
.Well that's all Phillip Island Classic next on March 7th & 8th.

Flag Post 1.0

Anyone know this guy? He keeps following me



Monday, 9 February 2015

Liqui Moly Bathurst 12 Hour 2015

Well Hello Everyone and welcome to 2015 for the first Motorsport Event and one I think is the Best in Australia at the Moment. The LIQUI MOLY 12 HOUR at Bathurst.
This Year for some unforeseen circumstances I had to pull out of being a Flag Marshal at this event but still I was able to attend to get some photos and support my Marshal friends.
Held over three days with support categories having Practice and Qualifying and 12 hour cars having Practice on Friday.
Support categories were Formula Ford, Improved Production and Radical Sportcars all with great racing and Large Fields. Saturday we had two races for each support Group with Practice and Qualifying for 12 hour cars. Sunday the 12 hour race started at 5.50am and finished at 5.50pm and with Channel 7 having Live Broadcast and Live Stream from Bathurst 12 hour site I am sure many of you had an opportunity to watch it. But nothing like being there track-side with 37000 other people to really appreciate those mean machines the sounds of the Bentley and Merc's and not forgetting the old Daytona Coupe which sounds great going around the track. The atmosphere is electric and seeing the cars close up is a must do.
Hope you enjoy the few photos I put up if you would like to see more follow my facebook page "A Flag Marshalls Journey" where I also have some short video clips.

Formula Ford Van Diemen RF86

Formula Ford Elwyn 003/1

Holden Torana SS Hatchback

VP Commodore

Display only didn't race Mazda RX8

Merc's SLS AMG GT3 above and below

Audi R8-LMS Ultra above and below

McLaren MP4-12c

Bentley Continental GT3

Aston Martin Vantage GT3

Ginetta G50 GT4 and Porsche 997 GT3 CUP

Our Marshal's Hard at Work

End of race for Ginetta at Post 22.2