Sunday, 30 March 2014

Shannons Nationals Round 1 28th to 30th March 2014 Sandown Raceway

Well what a w/end great weather great company and great racing. categories were Aust Manufacturers, Porsche GT3, Radicals,F3,Saloon Cars Super Six and Aust GTs. I attended all three days Friday being free practice I was assigned  to Flag Post 11.0 with a Trainee, first time at this point on a small straight leading into turns 11,12 and even though a quiet day was a lot of fun and no real down time so day went fast and only had a few cars going wide. Saturday and Sunday was assigned to Flag Post 9.0 with 4 other flag marshals and a communicator and Sector Marshal great team and plenty of fun. This post is on a left hand turn with cars coming down from 6.0 through some s bends at speed so a lot of locking brakes and if they dont get it right into the sand trap they go. Saturday had the most action with a rollover just past 6.0 in the super six touring cars driver ok but car not so good. With a few wides and spins we were kept on our toes but the afternoon proved the best with 5 reports in about 40 mins in the last two events lots of pushing and spins but nothing serious. The F3 race at 1415 in the afternoon really woke us up ... How long does it take to clear a flag point when a F3 is heading towards you at speed DAMN FAST I tell you but he missed by that much but wiped out the Shannons National sign and unlucky for the next car who ran over the sign now flat on the track and ended up in the sand. On Sunday our biggest incident was a Lambo spinning into sand trap and bringing out a safety car we did a quick clean up on a hot track in between safety car laps all good back to racing we go. Next Event Winton V8s until then Stay Safe everyone.

Post 11.0

Looking towards 13.0

Looking back to 10.0

Post 9.0

Looking towards 10.0

Sand Trap

Looking back towards 6.0


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Melbourne AGP off Track 2014

Had only a few opportunities to get photos off track so here is a selection of those. Thanks to the great team I worked with which made it a great w/end and the new friends I made from Hawaii, Singapore and Abu dhabi.

Melbourne AGP 2014

Well new year, new cars and new sound like it or not this was F1 2014. I was assigned to post 0.0 all four days which is on drivers left about 50m down from finish line we also were looking after the stationary blue at pit exit on drivers right about another 50m down the track. Even though we did not have much happen on track at this post it was a great spot for seeing start of race and feel the atmosphere of the crowd in the grandstands. Also gave us the opportunity to run across the track at end of race to be under the winners podium. We were also able to be part of the drivers signing where we had to hold back the photographers.
Support categories were V8 Supercars, Porsche Carrera cup and Mazda 3 Celebrity race along with Demos from Shannon's Historic's and Targa Rally.

Muster Tent

A Thousand faces