Monday, 15 September 2014

Sandown 500 2014 W/end Post 13.0

Well the w/end has started up early and at the track by 6.45am Briefing at 7.15 both days sign on pick up lunch and go down and get an Egg and Bacon roll Yum make a coffee a bit of chit chat and it all starts post 13.0 for both days Drivers Left opposite Pit Entry. Saturday continues with Qualifying and races for all categories. We covered Flags and Comms on Saturday with Four Flaggies and A Sector, Myself, Jamie, Julio and Rebbeca. Sunday same Team But we had Suz has A Sector and Robert Replaced Jamie we also got a comms Person sorry cant remember name.
Not so much action at this point a few spinners coming out of Turn 12 and on Sunday a couple of the V8s came together coming into pits. This is a good point to see all the action in the pit lane close to the Nissan Pits where we got a good look when the fuel filler got stuck the fire crews and pit crew done well to keep it under control could have been a big fire in pit lane other wise.
Now to Sit back and watch some replays and get ready for Bathurst 1000.
Stay safe Everyone.

Pit Lane Action

View from 13.0 over to Pit Lane

On Track Action

Some Rubber to Burn

Vic Fire Crews

Team Medical

Flag Point 13.0

Sandown 500 12.9.14 Friday Post 6.0

Well another round done and dusted, great weather, great teams. Support Categories were great for this V8 round with Porsche Carrera Cup, Touring Car Masters, Australian GT and V8 Utes. Friday I was on Flag Point 6.0 Drivers Right looking down to 9.0 Dandy CNR so a good point to see all the action at 9.0. Two flaggies Me and Colleen and a Sector Marshall Friday was mainly practice with Touring Car Masters and Aust GT having Qualifying rounds as well.
Plenty of cars going wide through 7 and 8 we had two big smashes between our point and 9.0 in the V8 utes we had one lose control going through 7 spinning and hitting Armco fence facing WD stopping just before gravel trap at Dandy cnr bring out red flag and the end of Practice for them. Last event of the day Aust GT Qualifying a very similar accident but a lot faster we had the Mclaren spin off hitting Armco and ripping off front wheels and going all the way through the gravel trap at 9.0 into tyre wall WOW awesome but no more Mclaren for w/end both drivers ok cars not so good.

Sandown 500 2014

V8 Paddock

Friday Briefing

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Touring Car Masters

Looking down to 9.0 Dandy cnr

looking back to 5.8